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Andrea Gennaro immagine
Andrea Gennaro architetto

Born in 1971 at Este (Province of Padua). Higher Technical studies completed in 1990, he entered the University Institute of Architecture in Venice and in 1998 he graduated with a thesis on "The Convent of San Pietro Viminario (Padua)". In the same year, he obtained the professional qualification and entered the Board of Architects of the Province of Padua. He began his freelance activity preferring home architecture and restoration. In 1999 with his thesis supervisor Angelo Polesello architect, he handled the design and furnishing of a tiny chapel at "The Franciscan Cenacle" Institute at Santa Maria degli Angeli in Perugia. In collaboration with an architecture company of Padua he dealt with the"Third Excerpt" for the restoration of the walls of the castle of Este (XII-XV centuries) at Este (Province of Padua) and the preliminary investigations of the restoration project of the complex of Villa Soranzo-Talpo-Petrobelli at Due Carrare (Province of Padua). He attended the Course of Coordinator for Planning and execution of works at the Order of Architects of Venice obtaining the corresponding certificate. He enrolled in the Register of Civilian Technicians of the Court of Padua in 2002 and since 2009 he became a Counsellor of the Board of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects of the Province of Padua. He organized exhibitions and took part in various competitions, resulting first in 2003 with the "Project for furnishing and fitting the Castle of Este" at Este (Province of Padua). From 2001 to 2002 he worked as Site Manager and Safety Coordinator at the “Ederle” Army barracks in Vicenza for the renewal of few buildings for military use and one in particular for hospital purposes. In recent years the activity of home architecture design is flanked by the planning and making of home accessories targeted at relevant Venetian companies.

Ars Delineandi immagine
Ars Delineandi

The company was established in 2003 by the willing of the architect Andrea Gennaro and a team of professionals to offer clients solutions that satisfy their expectations in full. The fields of action range from home to industrial architecture, from renewal to restoration, and from interior design to industrial planning. A container of ideas that turns initial drafts into projects and achievements on the basis of the commissioner’s suggestions. Dwelling is in line with Being, where a human being and the environment he lives in talk to each other in harmony. The exchange between natural and artificial is mutual. Our attention is focused on customers and their needs. We offer a high level service, where attention to details and customization are the basis of our philosophy. We make your dreams come true. Analysis of materials, the constant search for new trends & technologies give life to objects of design conceived to blend any timeless atmosphere.